The Diemenois

The Diemenois

Book cover for The Diemenois – A Novel in pictures.

The Diemenois

A 3D rendering of the book cover for The Diemenois

OK. Here goes. It’s off to the races.

This is something I’ve been working on for the past nine years. A project that weaved and wended its way through the past decade of my life. Sometimes I’d pick it up and play with it, and sometimes I’d leave it abandoned in the corner of my folio. Anyways it’s finished now and off to the printers in China. There’s now’t I can do to change any of the book. It’s fixed now. Solid. And It’ll be released to the world in November, and when that happens I’ll be a legit author. I’m sure strangers will want to shake my hand.

For any curious chaps out there please have a brows of this book trailer. And the blurb is as follows…

A Novel In Pictures

Little is known about the French Tasmanian colony of la Ville de Baudin. Less still about its most mysterious colonist, Henri Maurice Claudet.

For the first time, The Diemenois presents the correct and true account of the sensational escape, seclusion, and cruel demise of one of history’s most infamous men. A tale of intrigue, blackmail, conspiracy, and murder: A detective story spanning nearly 200 years.

In this brilliant stretch of the imagination, JW Clennett brings an alternate history of early colonial Australia to life as a stunning new graphic novel.

And for anyone who want to know what it looks like inside my Novel In Pictures have a squizz and these …


A few years back when I was living in London I produced animation for the West End musical Priscilla; Queen Of The Desert. The show had a pretty long run in the London’s West End, then moved on to other jurisdictions such as New York’s Broadway, Milan, Buenos Aires and heaps of others. Its been one of the largest jobs I’ve ever done.

The bus was covered in thousands of LED lights that were controlled by a central server back stage. Try to imagine that each LED was a pixel, and when combined with thousands of other LEDs they turned the surface of the bus into a kind of computer monitor (see image below). The bus then had a skin of clear plastic over the top of that was dressed up to look like metal, so when the LEDs were off the bus looked like a normal metal bus. However when the LEDs were on the effect was dynamic. The bus was essentially utilised as a sort of animated backdrop for the musical numbers.

Anyway… I’ve managed to get a great plug from the theatre and stage magazine Stage Whispers. I did the interview some time ago, but I’m lousy at self marketing.

The link to the article is below….

Priscilla; Queen Of The Desert — The Musical


What’s He Building In There?


Test artwork for the book “What’s He Building In There?”

What’s He Building In There? is a picture book about an old man who renovates his house so that it becomes a galactic rocket. The first page goes…

It was… past the shops, past the bell, down the road, go pass the well, over the bridge and through the wood, to the place that stood…

… the house…

… of Ethel Starr, a who was often quite bizarre — The oldest in the village by far. A man of grace, with a kindly face. He lived alone in this place…
… and all the towns-folk said on a whim — “We should probably check on him”.
The town’s declaration came one morning, when suddenly, and without warning — everyone discovered, to their surprise, an odd new tower of gigantic size, metal rivets, and shiny chrome had sprouted from the top of Ethel’s home. It all came suddenly and quite unexpected when they saw it had been erected.


SHOMI Smartphone App Promo

I wrote, designed, directed and animated this promo for a new startup company, who develop smartphone apps. The first one they developed being SHOMI.

I won’t go on to describe what the app does as this nifty animation does it all for me.

The Pacific Climate Animation Project

These animations are part of a larger information-kit compiled to educate communities in Vanuatu and other Pacific communities regarding the threat of El Niño and La Niña and climate change in their region. It aims to assist Pacific communities to better prepare for disasters in their region. These films focuses on how climate change may amplify some of these extreme weather events.

The films were commissioned by the Australian Red Cross, CSIRO, BOM, and various government organisations of nations throughout the Pacific. I animated and directed these films with my lovely assistant Lindy Lou, and the whole project was produced by Shannon Owen.

Just a quick note that the film above is narrated in the NiVan creole ‘Bislama’.


Loop de Loop

Today I posted a loop for the monthly competition Loop de Loop… … The theme for this month is “Frustration“… I had some spare time and I was already fiddling with this plugin I was using on a previous job so I thought I’d give it a go. Anyhoo I enjoyed it.

The loop is a 30 second clip, which loops 6 times. And unofficially I’ve been calling this movie-ette “The Glass Teat“. Which for anyone wondering is a reference to Stephen Kings comments about television being “a glass tit”, from where society gets its cultural, spiritual, and intellectual nourishment. I’d rather go hungry than watch Australian TV.

And for those that want to see more of my animated drivel goto…

Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) Win


Last Sunday a film (I made last year), called GRISTLE was awarded Best Film in the Australian Showcase program @ the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF). The screening was on Saturday the 23rd of June and was up against some really great Australian animations so I was pretty chuffed… and there’s a selection of photos from production here… …