SHOMI Smartphone App Promo

I wrote, designed, directed and animated this promo for a new startup company, who develop smartphone apps. The first one they developed being SHOMI.

I won’t go on to describe what the app does as this nifty animation does it all for me.

The Pacific Climate Animation Project

These animations are part of a larger information-kit compiled to educate communities in Vanuatu and other Pacific communities regarding the threat of El Niño and La Niña and climate change in their region. It aims to assist Pacific communities to better prepare for disasters in their region. These films focuses on how climate change may amplify some of these extreme weather events.

The films were commissioned by the Australian Red Cross, CSIRO, BOM, and various government organisations of nations throughout the Pacific. I animated and directed these films with my lovely assistant Lindy Lou, and the whole project was produced by Shannon Owen.

Just a quick note that the film above is narrated in the NiVan creole ‘Bislama’.


Loop de Loop

Today I posted a loop for the monthly competition Loop de Loop… … The theme for this month is “Frustration“… I had some spare time and I was already fiddling with this plugin I was using on a previous job so I thought I’d give it a go. Anyhoo I enjoyed it.

The loop is a 30 second clip, which loops 6 times. And unofficially I’ve been calling this movie-ette “The Glass Teat“. Which for anyone wondering is a reference to Stephen Kings comments about television being “a glass tit”, from where society gets its cultural, spiritual, and intellectual nourishment. I’d rather go hungry than watch Australian TV.

And for those that want to see more of my animated drivel goto…

Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) Win


Last Sunday a film (I made last year), called GRISTLE was awarded Best Film in the Australian Showcase program @ the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF). The screening was on Saturday the 23rd of June and was up against some really great Australian animations so I was pretty chuffed… and there’s a selection of photos from production here… …

The Fabulous Adventure Of Mr Murray: The Diary Of An Entrepreneur

A few years ago I completed a short animation entitled The Fabulous Adventure Of Mr. Money; The Diary Of An Entrepreneur. It was 6 minutes long and entirely animated pencil on paper (on an animation disc). The film took about 5 months to create and I did roughly 4000 drawings for it. I still have the ‘Pacer’ I drew this line-work with somewhere. I think I may have framed it. It was one of the most wonderfully satisfying experiences of my life.

“What is it about?” you may well ask … Well read the following…

When worlds collide anything can happen in this offbeat history of colonialism. A gen
tleman of the old crash lands in the midst of the new. Lives are lived and lost, empires rise and fall, battles rage and cash changes hands.

Robot Duck With Solid Rocket Booster Night-Light.

Night-Light without jar

Night-Light within jar.


Night-Light with light on

This is a Night-Light I built for my yet to be born little person. Its made from styrene and has a battery powered LED light inside that’s turned on and off by a hand held remote. Then the whole thing resides within a massive glass jar.

There’s a stop frame movie of the jar turning to give you a better idea of the 3-dimensionality of the object.

Gristle: Mid 2010

These are the Meat Worker’s legs before they were cut out and assembled

After assembly, including a complete Meat-Worker

The Meat-Worker

The complete box of body parts. The whole film is in this box. All up there were 434 heads, arms and legs to wrangle as part of the 4 minute film.